Online: Track a package, lookup signatures, place orders, pay your bill all online. With just a click you can enjoy all these features at no extra cost.
Dispatching: Our dispatchers are equipped with the latest software and computers. They are fully trained and have resumes of 7+ years of experience in the dispatching field.
Daily Runs: If you need a run everyday at a specific time you can schedule it with us at a discounted rate.
Operators: Courtesy and professionalism is what you will experience talking to our operators. They have top notch software and computers at their disposal to better serve you even if it means looking up directions for you.
Messengers: All messengers are equipped with two way radios, cellular phones and digital maps. If you need to know where your messenger is you can call us or even request his/her cellular tel# and call the messenger yourself. If that is not enough we have all our messengers connected to our mapping software and are able to pinpoint their exact location every 2 minutes in real time. They are trained and have full experience of NYC and surrounding areas. If you prefer a certain messenger you can request them at no extra charge, if they are in your area.

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( 917 ) 939 - 4193

Our messengers have full knowledge and many years of experience riding in NYC and surrounding areas. They are familiar with mailroom and building security procedures for all major NYC addresses. All messengers are equipped with nextel phones that are loaded with map software for the entire US. We also have full GPS software loaded on our computers at the office base that enables us to direct and track the location of our messengers anytime and anywhere in real time.

  • We at Instant Messenger are dedicated to satisfying the needs and demands that the fast growing courier industry requires.
  • Offering services in town, out of town, up your block, across your street, or even down the hall.
  • All our messenger have GPS enabled devices that enables us to track and pinpoint their exact location. To view a screen shot of our tracking software click here.
  • With online tracking you can check the status of your package anytime, just make sure you have your tracking number.
  • You can request an email with tracking info for your order while placing it.
  • We use top notch technology to provide top notch services.
  • Our messengers are trained and have full knowledge of New York City and surrounding areas.
  • All our messengers carry cellular phones and radios.

If you have a need that hasn't been fulfilled we want to hear about it via phone, email, fax or even in person.

Our staff is looking forward to serving you.